A truly Healing Experience

You can trust in a truly healing experience when working with Claudia Elliott. I’ve had the pleasure of being one of her clients for a few years now and she is one of those unique practitioners who is continually deepening the work she offers through her ongoing studies and continued education. In doing so, she has supported a deepening of my physical, mental and emotional well-being. Claudia’s work exemplifies the powerful balance of sweet, lighthearted, and nurturing guidance, that remains richly rooted in the knowledge of many forms of holistic health practices so that when I arrive on her table, she can work with me in a variety of ways and on many levels. It truly is her own special blend of Reiki, Crystal Therapies, Sound Healing, and her attunement to a higher power that has proven to be such a gift over the years and has allowed me to live my best life, inside and out.

—Lisa Hudson (client since 2014)

I tried Reiki out of curiosity

I have been seeing Claudia for massage for approximately two years. In the beginning, it was regular body massage. I tried Reiki out of curiosity a couple times. As time went on and we spoke about my personal issues Claudia explained Reiki to me and asked if I wanted to try it. I said yes.

I was surprised the first time that there was no overt body contact. It was interesting and I felt good afterward, relaxed and calm. It seemed rather odd to feel so well without regular bodily massage.

As time went on, we talked more about my concerns and problems. Claudia offered Reiki. She explained how Reiki could be soothing but also deeper and might provide insight and direction for me. That turned out to be true. Since then we have used Reiki. I have found it to be helpful, reassuring, and peaceful.

—Mary Anne P. (client since 2015)

“Claudia is a truly magnificent healer”

“Claudia is a truly magnificent healer who deeply cares about the well-being of her patients. She emits a very warm, loving aura and is very open and easy to talk to.

She will do everything she can to answer any and all of the questions that you may have for her. Her beautiful home is as warm and welcoming as she is. I highly recommend SubtleBodyWorks to anyone who is open and willing to heal themselves both mentally and physically. She is extremely adamant on making your session as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

I highly encourage you to open your mind and heart to reiki healing. It will drastically change how you view the world and feel about yourself and others in every way. If you are open-minded and ready to heal your inner self so that you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of, Reiki is the answer. I also recommend that you combine your reiki healing session with a crystal works session. The vibrational energy that the crystals emit casts a loving vibration that surrounds your body as you heal. Claudia’s loving aura and warm generosity creates the perfect atmosphere for spiritual healing. If you want to heal yourself from the inside out, SubtleBodyWorks is the place for you.”

—Lindsie L. (client since 2015)

Ovarian cancer survivor

“I am a chronic Ovarian cancer survivor. Receiving gentle Reiki from Claudia is a very important part of my healing. In addition to Reiki, she uses crystals and stones in my massage therapy. They are very calming an help me relax. I had a reoccurrence of the Ovarian Cancer in 2013, but the cells were weak, my physician had difficulty making a final diagnosis. I believe Claudia’s Healing massage played a role in weakening my cells. Although I am cancer free, I choose to see Claudia on a regular basis for healing and relaxation. My experience has always been and continues to be very positive. She is a wonderful Healer”

—Barbara S (client since 2010) -November 2014 Update

Claudia gives me a crystal/energy healing

“When Claudia gives me a crystal/energy healing, I feel like we are entering sacred space. I feel safe and cradled in her touch and wisdom. Crystals are an extremely powerful form of healing and with Claudia guiding me I was able to release and heal a little more. I would highly recommend crystal healing with Claudia and look forward to my next session.”

—Lizzie P (client since 02/2014)

Frequent healing massages

“I am an ovarian cancer survivor. In the summer of 2010, I received frequent healing massages from Claudia Elliott while going through chemotherapy. She used techniques specifically designed for individuals undergoing chemotherapy. Claudia has a very soothing personality and makes her clients comfortable.
Although I am cancer free, I have chosen to continue to see Claudia on a regular basis for general healing and relaxation. My experience has always been and continues to be very positive.”

—Barbara Sutorius (client since 2010)

Restorative, relaxing ….ahhhh

“Therapeutic, restorative, relaxing ….ahhhh”

— Peg F. ( client since 2011 )

Deep tissue massage on my legs

“I have been going to see Claudia at SubtleBodyWorks to deal with various aches from my decades of working out. She does a great job of helping me figure out what needs to be worked on, and why the pain has developed. I have mainly had her perform deep tissue massage on my legs due to ITB (Iliotibial Band) issues brought on from many years of bicycling. She knows how much pressure to use without causing unneeded pain. When my clients ask about massage, I refer them to Claudia.”

— Keith Sutorius owner of M*A*S*T Fitness ( client since 2011 )

Reiki session … assisting my body, spirit, mind, and heart in the healing process

My Reiki session with Claudia yesterday was a healing experience as always. She has gifted hands that truly channel the Divine assisting my body, spirit, mind, and heart in the healing process. Claudia’s calming demeanor helps relax one to the point of being able to accept and experience what needs to be done. She utilizes a potpourri of techniques that Spirit/the Divine call to her. I was in a place of sorrow being overwhelmed with my new life and left the session lifted and better able to cope with the challenges I am now facing. Thank you, Claudia, for your openness and your loving, healing gifts.

—Brenda Vandenberg (client since 2015)

A journey to rediscover my body

“I woke up one day at 62 and realized that time is limited, that I didn’t know my own body, and that my body was starved for touch. I decided to begin a journey to rediscover my body, which included investing some health dollars in massage.
I chose Subtle Body Works.

Claudia has wonderful gifts. She treats me as a whole, individual person with each massage focused on my physical, mental and spiritual needs at that moment. No cookie cutter approach. Her hands and her senses unerringly find the places—physical, mental and spiritual–that need special attention. Sometimes after a session, I feel light as a feather. Sometimes like I’m floating on air. But always better for experiencing my own body through Claudia’s gifts.

The services of Subtle Body Works have helped me in the past year with my journey to rediscover my body, and I have been so much happier. I have a heightened awareness of my body and have discovered how complex and wonderful it is.”

—Cathy S (client since 2013)

How much more there is to crystals

“Before I met Claudia, I did not have an opinion on crystals other than thinking they are beautiful. Fortunately, she has been the one to make me realize how much more there is to crystals and how amazing they can be. I had no idea the “powers” that they possess. I have had several treatments from her. For one session, she did a crystal grid on me. She tailored it to what my body needed at the time. Intuitively, she found specific stones that would help the most. A different time, I was having foot problems. I had tried several other holistic methods which had only helped keep it under control. But her energy and crystal work helped get rid of the problem. After each session, I am so relaxed that I could easily fall asleep.”

—Kendra S (client since 2012)

Treatment room is calm, soothing

“The treatment room is calm, soothing.
I feel myself growing/ maturing through my Reiki experiences.
There is an increased awareness of me . . . that is; I am able to see myself in a more realistic light. I am able to focus more outwardly instead of ruminating over me. I am appreciating others more than ever before.
Former patterns of thinking are being released and redirected.
I describe my life as: calmer, more positive, more grateful, more self-assured, happier.
Reiki is a positive experience.”

—Heidi B (client since 2010)

Reiki from Claudia my body is both relaxed and energized

“I love receiving Reiki from Claudia! She creates a secure and peaceful environment which helps me relax during the session. Claudia is a true Reiki Master who allows Reiki to work at subtle levels in the body. After a Reiki session, I feel improved mental clarity and focus while my body is both relaxed and energized. Claudia is also an exceptional Massage Therapist who listens carefully to her client and delivers a deeply beneficial massage every time. If I lived closer I’d see her weekly!”

— Nita A. ( client since 2010 )

Pulled muscles virtually pain-free and back to full motion

“… was having an issue with some pulled back muscles. They would have come around in a few of weeks, but Claudia’s expertise had me virtually pain-free and back to full motion in about a week!”

— Francis F. ( client since 2012 )

Reiki treatments with Claudia

“I started Reiki treatments with Claudia a couple of years ago to help with stress and anxiety. I had never had a Reiki treatment before so I was not sure what to expect. Unlike a regular massage this type of bodywork does not require the client to undress but does include a thorough consultation. Although I have always been interested in the healing arts and have researched Reiki, nothing could have prepared me for the intense relaxation I experienced during the first session. I felt like I was embarking on a spiritual journey and Claudia was my guide. Her professionalism and compassion helped me create a safe space in my mind where I could look at and manage the anxiety without fear. I was able to see myself without emotional baggage which was like meeting with a dear friend after many years. I was able to release tons of built up stress in this nurturing environment. With continued sessions I have learned to control my response to stressful situations both physically and mentally. I have been taking deeper breaths on a regular basis. I feel more optimistic over all.”

— Melissa S. ( client since 2010 )