Reiki Healing Founder Mikao Usui

Mikao Usui was the originator of what we today call Reiki. He was born on August 15th, 1865 near Kyoto Japan. On several occasions he took a form of meditation lasting 21 days. On his memorial, it says that at one time this took place on Mount Kurama (Horse Saddle Mountain). This is where he was given the inspiration for his system of healing – Reiki. The Usui teachings included showing people how to heal themselves (a very central point still in Reiki of today). Healing would be given to them, then they were taught how to heal themselves. Reiki is taught on this principle to all who are interested.

The Reiki Preceptsenergy Woman

Just for today

Do not anger

Do not worry

Be filled with gratitude

Devote yourself to your work

Be kind to people

“We are all energetic beings. Energy flows through all living things.”

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Our Energetic Vibration

It begins at the cellular part of our being. It is what keeps us humming. Alive. It is what connects us to ALL. We breathe, our hearts beat, we send out energetic messages continually to the World around us. And it to us. In this amazing process, we connect to Spirit. Reiki is a Spiritual Practice. We are born with an Energetic BluePrint.

It is the “Attunement” of the practitioner that sets Reiki Healing apart from other kinds of hands-on healing.

Reiki Healing Session what to expect…

You will remain fully clothed during a Reiki only Session

In a Reiki Healing session you are “aware” yet deeply relaxed.
Claudia will gently place her hands on your body as well as hold them above your body. At times you might hear her breathe in or out or notice as she sweeps her hands over you as she is working to move energetic “dams” and “blocks”. The goal is for an open flow of energy through the body. You may find yourself “aware” yet very relaxed.  You may feel warm or chilly. Each person has an experience “unique” to them. Claudia holds a safe space for you to process whatever needs to be healed.

In general, a Reiki Healing session becomes a meditative experience that allows the client to go inward and begin healing on a subconscious level. The body “listens” and works very well with the intuitive mind. Reiki Healing has the ability to bring the body, mind, heart, and spirit into harmony and balance.

During Reiki treatments, clients are encouraged to participate with an active commitment to their healing and well-being.  You are your best source for healing. As a healer, Claudia can help bring “awareness” to your process.

Why Have a Reiki Healing Session?

When our “life force energy” is low, the body, mind, heart, and spirit are not in sync. Daily stress can become overwhelming making it difficult to find balance and focus in our lives. We don’t feel like ourselves. Something needs to change or we may become ill. Our minds seem to be on overtime.

Reiki nourishes our “life force energy” and helps our focus become clear. We are more able to deal with daily ups and downs.

Reiki Therapy

Reiki offers many benefits for well-being.

We find balance among our body, mind, heart, and spirit.
Just as with other forms of BodyWork, Reiki may release locked up emotions. I often have clients keep a journal to write down their experience/feelings as a way to refer back to progress.

You may combine Reiki with any BodyWork session to deepen the benefits. Must mention at time of scheduling.  Additional 30 minutes for $45.

“Reiki is one of the leading safe Energy Medicine approaches”.
– C. Norman Shealy, M.D. Ph.D. Founder, American Holistic Medical Association

We each have the innate ability to send “intentional” love to another. We also are all welcome to learn and practice Reiki on ourselves and others.

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located in Edwardsville, Illinois

Email: subtlebodyworks@gmail.com

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