Reiki and Crystal Energy

When used in combination, Reiki and Crystal Energy creates a unique form of “vibrational medicine”

In his book, Vibrational Medicine, Dr. Richard Gerber explains:

“Human beings are, to some extent, living crystals.  Certain 
aspects of the human energy system have the same transformational properties as natural quartz crystals. When one uses natural quartz crystals to heal the body, energy transference occurs partly because of a resonance effect between the quartz crystal and those cellular crystal systems with quartz-like properties. These same bio-crystalline
elements amplify certain aspects of the life force in special energy circuits that run throughout the body”.

Crystals and Stones used with Reiki amplify the gentle flow of energy

I use crystals and stones with Reiki to amplify the gentle flow of  natural energy through the body. It is not unusual for me to place a crystal or stone in a client’s hand or place one or more on their body. The choice of crystal or stone is determined by what the client needs at the time. 


One of the nicest things about Reiki is that no special tools are needed

“One of the nicest things about Reiki is that no special tools are needed to affect a healing. However, we also know that Reiki can assist and enhance other forms of complementary, natural, or allopathic treatment, and that such treatments can in turn enhance the power of Reiki. I have found this to be true with crystals. When used with Reiki, crystals magnify the Reiki for healing.

Many crystals and gemstones have the unique ability to transmit high frequency energies for extended periods of time. In so doing, crystals, minerals, and gemstones affect the Earth’s electromagnetic field and her aura.

Metaphysically speaking, all of creation is energy (light) vibrating

Metaphysically speaking, all of creation is energy (light) vibrating at varying frequencies. When included in a healing session, crystals and gemstones similarly affect the human energy field and the physical body. It seems logical, then, that crystals could be used to transmit and amplify Reiki energy”.  Laurelle Shanti Gaia

Our cells are bio-crystalline in nature

Our cells are bio-crystalline in nature. Healing crystals and stones communicate information to the bio-crystalline structure within our cells and encourage rejuvenation of the body. These crystals and stones can also encourage the release of toxic information that has been locked in the physical body and etheric field. This can be accomplished by placing specific stones on and around the body, as well as by carrying or wearing gemstones.

In my experience Reiki and Crystals work symbiotically

In my experience Reiki and Crystals work symbiotically.  We all have  natural energy “currents” moving within our bodies and generally it flows efficiently.  If we have stress, anxiety, illness, or injury, our energy flow is easily slowed, blocked, and may become stagnant. Combining the vibrational healing of Reiki and Crystal therapy can ease stress, anxiety, or injury allowing the natural flow of energy within our bodies to move once again.

I recommend “Love is in the Earth” by Melody for anyone interested in Crystals and their properties.