Good Energy


In observing my fur family I have noted how easily they stay in the moment.

They have good energy. They relax, meditate, play, cuddle, and generally lead pretty balanced lives. The focus of course is on themselves. Or me if I have not fed them.

My fur family is more content when they follow their instincts.  I decided as a human being I would take note. Observe how they express and conserve energy. And take Pictures.

Relaxing and taking time for yourself

Relaxing and taking time for yourself each day can take only a few  minutes. A peaceful walk. Reading a chapter in a book. A Reiki/massage session. A short nap. Whatever rejuvenates your body and soul to uplift your energy.

Chloe Strikes a relaxing pose post play


Daily Meditation brings positive energy and focus into your life

Daily mediation brings positive energy and focus into your life. It allows your mind a chance to become calm and open to new ways of seeing. It can clear the clutter and help with decision making. It is both relaxing and rejuvenating.

DSC_0187webpageZuZu  meowmmmmm

She loves “kitty massage” too

Whether it’s because you or someone you love had a hard day

Whether it’s because you or someone you love had a hard day, is sad, or just feeling a bit lonely, it helps to share with someone.  A good old fashioned hug works wonders too.

Our mind is our most energy sensitive organ and needs stimulation.  Our body chemistry changes when we feel appreciated.  Our internal “energy” becomes more positive. We say Om.

Our fur family says meowmmmmm

Phoebe and Chloe

 Perspective helps maintain balance in life

Perspective helps maintain balance in life. Take your time making important decisions. Consider all your options and choices. Focus on the goal you would like to reach. Seek Clarity.   Look before you leap.


Pico de Gato


When we have balance in our lives we may notice we are more rested and in the moment. Our energy is balanced and more focused.

My little fur family speaks meowmmmmm the language of “good energy” and “self care” daily.