Healing Crystal Rose Quartz


The Healing Crystal Rose Quartz vibrates a loving energy

“Crystals align and vibrate with our natural body currents offering us healing on many levels.”  

Claudia Elliott

Rose Quartz is especially helpful in areas of relationships, forgiveness, emotional wounds, grieving, working through anger, and past trauma. Rose quartz gives a sense of being wrapped in a warm cozy blanket of peace.

The healing crystal Rose Quartz is one of the go to crystals when working with the heart chakra. The gentleness of the vibration will ease emotional pain and help the heart chakra to open.

Rose Quartz will increase creativity, imagination as the heart opens and the self is more aware.

The healing crystal Rose Quartz can be worn, carried, placed next to the bed, or on a desk as a reminder to be loving and kind to all, including yourself.

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