Crystal Classes

2018 Crystal Classes

We will meet on the Second Saturday of each Month  At My Home  2:30-4:00  $25.00 


January 13th
Crystal grids- Using intention-choosing crystals and stones-for healing- protection-your personal goals-and more! Will include grid designs, simple grid ideas, how to set up, care for and charge your grid.
February 10th
How do you choose a stone or crystal for yourself or another?  In person? Online? Is there a difference? What about “found stones of nature”?
March 10th
Crystals/Stones-learn about basic healing properties of some of your favorite stones -why some stones work better together-natural stones vs tumbled stones-what natural stones are toxic (not to be placed on skin)
April 14th
Crystals for personal spaces-choosing the right crystals and stones to place in the home-at work-to calm or energize-for protection- to defuse negativity.
May 12th
How to create a mojo bag for specific needs-protection-healing-personal goals-for you, a family member or a friend.
June 9th
The Chakras-our energetic centers-choosing basic crystals and stones to bring balance and flow-an introductory discussion on what the chakras are and how they work in our body.
July 14th
Crystals for meditation, healing layouts to use on yourself or others.
August 11th
Crystal Healing Essences-how are they made.

What to Bring

  • A notebook and a pen
  • Wear comfy clothes
  • Bring a snack
  • Anything else for your comfort


Email Claudia at or

call Claudia at 314-322-5081 for more information. 
I want to make it easy for you to join in on the fun and learning.

Please call or email to learn how to register & pay to hold your space.
Limited class size.

Cost $25.00 
Call Claudia at 314-322-5081 for information
and how to register and pay

Location and Times

My Home  2:30-4:00




Call Claudia to schedule Class


located in Edwardsville, Illinois


Crystal Blogs


Moonstone Moonstone has a soft luminescence. It is connected to both the moonlight and water because of the way light reflects off its surface. Moonstone is a variety of the mineral feldspar and has a soft translucence of white, yellow, or pink. Sometimes it can...