Smudging uses smoke from burning herbs and plants for space clearing

The smoke  from  smudging clears out negative energy while stimulating the flow of positive energy and vibrations. Smudging is helpful for individuals, animals, gardens, clearing them of negative energy. The smoke is moved around and over what is being smudged.

Clearing a space moves dense energy out of that area. It can be my house, a client’s house, or a meeting space outside.  I have also used smudging in my “Zen Den” where I see clients and I smudge my crystals.


cleansing a crystal with an herb stick of sage

cleansing a crystal with an herb stick of sage

A smudge stick most often is composed of lavender, sage, sweetgrass or cedarwood. You can also use loose herbs.

You have the option of  using a smudge stick or loose leaves. The type of  herb is up to you. Sage is most often used to clear out negative energy. I have an abalone shell for loose leaves when not using a wound sage smudge stick. Whether you are using a smudge stick or herbs that are loose, light the leaves then gently blow out the flame. This allows the herbs to smolder and smoke without actually burning. It is important to be careful when smudging. Always have a fire safe place to set the smudge stick when done. Never leave smudging tools unattended when lit.


I realize some people are allergic to smoke

Consider using SOUND to clear your spaces

My Tibetan Bowl

My Tibetan Bowl

The Tibetan Bowl creates a vibrant clear sound.

Gently chime the bowl into each corner of a room allowing the sound to fade.

You can also use a rattle, a drum, a rain stick, or simply clap your hands.

The idea is to break up dense energy allowing for fresh positive energy to flow.

Our Homes Benefit from Clearing

 Our homes can benefit from clearing. Over time the energy where we live can become stagnant. Using smudging or sound can gently help by moving out the old and making room for the new. Doing this Seasonally is a great idea.

When you are smudging consider clearing your home on a day you can open the windows wide allowing the fresh air to flow inside as the dense energy is being cleared away.

If you would like a new home or your current home cleared and blessed using Smudging or Sound give me a call and we will bring fresh energy to your place