Intuitive BodyWork

subtlebodyworks offers intuitive bodywork

Intuitive BodyWork is: Gentle. Effective. Relaxing. Healing.



Intuitive BodyWork is about noticing what the body is saying.  I have learned to become more aware of how the body speaks when working with my clients.  I listen carefully. I observe patiently. This allows me to identify  physical and emotional energies flowing within and around the body. I acknowledge this quiet but visible language. 

We begin at that  point.


Intuitive BodyWork is about allowing the body to respond quietly to healing touch with these benefits:

Relaxes and softens overused muscles

Releases endorphins – the body’s natural painkiller

Encourages the flow of lymph, the body’s natural defense system

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Claudia offers her clients deep relaxation and relief through a gentle, effective, and healing experience.

Clients receive a full 50 minutes of bodywork as well as time on the table to integrate their session.

$70 hour

$45 half hour

Cash and Checks only at this time


Consider deepening the benefits of your session!

Reiki, CrystalWorks, Healing Drum Sounds

$15 for additional 20 minutes

Please arrange additional minutes at time of scheduling.

Call 314-322-5081 to make an appointment!

Relax with Intuitive BodyWork combined with Reiki

Healing Therapy

Healing Drum Sounds


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 Licensed in Illinois # 227.011604